Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dreaming of Summer---Waiting for Spring

When I went out to feed the birds today, I saw new green grass coming up! I realize we've had some of our biggest snowfalls in March but I couldn't help but think of spring and summer. Spring will hopefully be when the Row Along quilt will be finished. We are on Row 11. Here is mine:
It's supposed to be sewing spools. I don't know how many more rows there are or what kind of border there will be but I think we are close to the end.

Here are some wonderful pictures that make me dream of spring and summer. The colors inspire me. I hope they give you a little lift like they do for me! Here is a spring/summer painting by Margaret Tarrant. I love the colors!

Here's another favorite. Flowers, a picket fence and a little dog.
Jessie Wilcox Smith is another of my favorite artists from the 20's and 30's.
Such a sweet, simple time...before video games and television. Summer always makes me think of the seashore. I love the children that Jessie Wilcox Smith painted:
Then there's Clara Burd. She always painted with one color as the main focal the green in this seashore painting:
I love Sarah Weber too. She always added a beautiful design of some kind to her paintings. In this little painting, she put the same design on the towel and on the bottom of the picture....mermaids!

I hope these little images from another time that seems far removed from our lives of television, computers and video games, gave you pleasure today. No matter what is happening in this world, spring is coming and, as always, will be beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and find some time to sew!
Cheery wave from Bev


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I am sewing today Bev, and enjoying your artwork and row along! Thanks for sharing.

gilly said...

These are so lovely, just perfect for this otherwise wintery day. Just finished row 10 & hoping to start 11 tomorrow!
Can't wait to see all your rows together,
Have a happy week

Leanne said...

Lovely pics Bev, I am sick of the heat here in Australia so I'm looking foreward to cooler days and Autumn.

20 North Ora said...

I love those children prints. They are so precious, so innocent and pure.


Line said...

These are really cute! When I was about 9 & my parents changed my bedroom's wallpaper, we had to remove such prints from my "little girl" walls. But I liked them so much I wanted to hang them back even if it didn't really correspond to a teen bedroom... but my parents'(good)taste won!
At least, I'm relieved today to see that I'm not the only one to love this type of prints!
Enjoy the coming spring!