Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sewing Rickrack onto the Dresden

Good morning! I've received about 15 questions regarding the Around the Year quilt blocks I'm making. Rather than answer all those emails, I thought I would just answer those questions in the blog. I know that most of you are expert (probably much more than I) quilters so If you see something I could do better, please let me know. This is such a fast block!

First, I sew jumbo rickrack around the edge of the dresden on the front. I use matching thread and it makes it pretty much invisible.
Then I just lay it on the background piece and turn it under. I don't iron it down but I probably should.
Then I just sew around the Dresden on the rickrack. You can't even see the thread (or at least, I can't see it). Sorry about the quality of the photos.
When it's sewn down, it looks like this:

Then I just take the center ring with iron-on Steam A Seam, cut it out and iron it onto the block. It's 1.5" wide.

Then I just do a blind hem stitch around the outside and inside.
The wedges are made with my Olfa wedge ruler and are cut to 8" long. At the widest point with seam allowances, the wedge is 1.5" wide. I started cutting these because I wanted to use my scrap strip pieces from different projects. I can rotary cut 10 strips and get 10 wedges at one time. That makes it so fast to cut and I have bags of these.
So there you go. I think I've answered all the questions I received. Let me know if you have others. Easy Peasy.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday and find some time to sew! Cheery wave! Bev


karen said...

Another wonderful block! I adore scrap quilts and this one will be smashing!

Robin said...

I love your dresden plates with the rick rak so cool.

Robin in Washington State
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Lisa said...

Really Nice! Great job!

Anita said...

You make it look so easy! Thanks for sharing, hopefully I'll get to try one soon :)

Gayle said...

OK Bev - I hate to be a pest here - but I've searched everywhere for this ruler you're using and I'm having no luck finding one. Can you please post a picture of it and perhaps share where you bought it? Thanks so much!

Bev said...

No problem Gayle. Email me at and I'll send you a photo of the ruler. I can't use Blogger's email because my work stuff on my computer won't allow it.


Bev said...

Okay...for those who want a ruler for this block, you can get it here:

It's the 9 Degree Wedge ruler designed by Marilyn Doheny. It comes in 3 lengths and you can buy all 3 or get them separately. They are made by Omnigrid.

Hope that helps everyone who wanted to know.

Cheery wave!

Gayle said...

Thanks so much for the ruler information Bev - now I know what I'm looking for! LOL

BTW - I was the lucky winner of Jill's elegant tomato pincushion - and I found her blog because of your mention a few posts back - thanks for that!