Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Hi! I'm having a lazy day...but...I'm getting ready to start some cleaning because, while I'm laying around, I'm seeing stuff to clean. My sewing room is at the point where I have to clear the decks. I can just go so long and then I have to clean and straighten or I can't think.

I finished Block One of the Civil war quilt. It looks kind of rough because the paper is still inside so it won't press flat. I have to soak it until the paper dissolves and I don't want to do that until I have 2 or 3 blocks finished.
I wanted my hummingbirds to be the jewel tones I love in the little birds in my garden and was able to find some fabric in my stash in just the color I wanted. It even had some areas that I could use as eyes by fussy cutting them.
This block took longer to prepare than to applique. I love the way it looks. The woman who drafted the pattern from the original quilt said that part of the charm is that the applique goes right to the edge. That's also what makes it tricky to do.

Guess I'll start some washing. I'll be fighting Charlie for his "couch blanket". He gets really anxious when I take it off the couch to wash it. He doesn't take very good pictures with his "bad" eye but he's my little boy...I'm totally smitten with him. He's an old guy (15) and has a heart condition and cancer. They can't operate on the cancer because his heart couldn't take the surgery. He still chases squirrels and plays. They told me last July to take him home and enjoy him so I am.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday and have found some time to sew! Don't forget to enter our January Giveaway. If you haven't already, you can find it HERE. Cheery wave from Bev


gilly said...

Love your jewel hummingbirds, and love Charlie! Wow, 15 - that's a great age. Give him a little cuddle from me :-)
Have a happy day,

Leanne said...

Such a beautiful block Bev, so much work but worth it right!!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I love your hummingbirds!~ the fabric is perfect. :-) "clear the decks"~ I like that, need to do some too. Have a happy afternoon!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Gorgeous block Bev! Love your hummingbird too - hope someone is taking good care of mine - they won't be back for a long time - it's two degrees here today.

20 North Ora said...

That block is so pretty. You do such a fantastic job. Thanks for posting about my giveaway. I've had a tremendous response.


priscilla said...

Your Shih Tzu is adorable! Our little boy is 10+ & has developed Cushing's Disease. He's still the king of the house & we just love him more than anything!!! Beautiful hummingbirds..