Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Day! Merry Christmas to anyone who is reading their blogs today! I hope you are enjoying a day with family and loved ones. Our plans were changed because we are having an ice storm to be followed by a snow storm today. Lucky for me, we celebrated in Dallas on the weekend so it's not like the winter of '09 when we had a blizzard that was so bad we were snowed in for weeks and I didn't get to see anyone. I did get in some sewing last night and made another Union Jack quilt block:
And, because it is at the end of the year, I am contemplating what quilts should be next on my list of quilts to finish...or start.... I got two new patterns/books for Christmas. In the Meadow is a seriously beautiful book. Well, all of Barb and Alma's books are beautiful.
and Heirloom Stitches, a pattern by Lori Smith (who did the Summer Celebration pattern I'm making right now). This pattern has more and bigger blocks than the Summer Celebration  quilt has.
Don't they both look like so much fun! I'm so tempted...to start...more ufo's....right this minute!

Well, it's not a very festive activity but I guess I will work on writing assignments today and maybe try to sew some tonight. I don't want to get out on the ice and slip and fall! I pray that our electricity stays on and I pray that you guys are all happy and healthy this Christmas and have a wonderful holiday! I'm going to go put on a pot of beans and tonight, I'll bake some cornbread. Merry Christmas and cheery wave! Bev


Cathy said...

Merry Christmas to you too Bev! Xx

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas...hope that you had a great day. Happy sewing more beauties.


Leanne said...

Merry Christmas Bev, I hope you have had a wonderful day. You sure have plenty of sewing projects to keep you going.