Saturday, December 29, 2012

Around the Year with Scraps from 2012...a Finished Block

Good morning! I'm waiting for my out-of-town company to get here. Just thought I'd post my first Around the Year block that I've made with scraps from 2012 and see what you think.
I finished the edge of the Dresden with rick rack! I've actually never used rickrack in a quilt before but it made the edge so easy! Well, easy except for the ending. I'm sure you can spot it. Does anyone have any tricks for ending rickrack that doesn't overlap? I just sewed it around the edge and then folded it under and stitched the block down on top of the rick rack. I used Wonder Under for the center ring and ironed it down, then just used red thread to do a blind hem stitch. I think I'm going to used different colored backgrounds and center rings. I really like it and it was very fast to stitch. I need to go buy some more rickrack in bright colors. I finished 4 of the Dresden part of the blocks and I have 3 big bags of scraps to do more. It makes a big 18" block.

My company will be here soon. I must go make a fresh pot of coffee and wipe up whatever mess Lola and Charlie have tracked in from outside. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and are able to find some time to sew! Cheery wave! Bev


Missy Shay said...

Ric Rac is a great idea!

Kristy said...

Oh is this cute! I don't see the end so don't worry about it! What a great idea to use up your scraps. Have a fun time with your company. K-

Wendy said...

It's oh sew cute.

karen said...

Love it. I'm not usually a fan of rick rack, but it makes such a statement here. Can't wait to see the rest.

20 North Ora said...

Love the Rick Rack on the quilt square - rather quilt round!

Enjoy your company!


Anonymous said...

Its so vibrant and colourful...hope you will be able to whip up more beauties with all your scraps...the ric rac adds more beauty to it.


gilly said...

LOVE it! You are just so creative and talented :-) I love the ric-rac too, I've been wanting to try it on a quilt for ages, but haven't yet plucked up the courage! Perhaps that shall be a challenge for the new year. Working on my row 8 mittens today :-)
Have fun with your guests,

Gayle said...

The big Rick rack makes a great finish to this Dresden block. Can I ask why template you're using? Te one I have only uses 20 blades!

Bev said...

Hi Gayle:
Sure. In my post of today, I did a group of photos and told how I added the rick rack. I used the Olfa wedge ruler so I could cut blades from leftover strips as small as 1.5" wide. On the Olfa wedge, I went to an 8" long blade and that makes a big 18" block. Thanks for asking!