Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day!

Good morning! Today I get to go vote. I hope the lines aren't too long because I'm still kind of "weakish" from being sick. I'm so grateful to get to vote! God Bless America!

Yesterday I had to work so didn't get much sewing done. I did get this little Farmer's Wife block finished:
It is Block No. 12 and called Broken Sugar Bowl. I'm already having to add other fabrics to the Sweetest Thing fabrics. There just isn't enough contrast and I'm using a lot of the red which is the only dark color. I added some of Lori Holt's blue Polka Dot Stitches fabric to this little block. I also got most of a Summer Celebrations block finished before I realized that I cut one of the pieces wrong x4....sigh. I cut 2 3/8 instead of 2 7/8 because of my old age eyes.

Today voting and more work. Maybe a "fixed" block and some more little Farmer's Wife blocks. I so love doing this quilt! Hope you have a wonderful day and don't have to stand in line to vote for very long! Cheery wave! Bev


gilly said...

This block is too lovely - fabulous fabrics & colours! Hope the line is not too long - well done you for exercising your vote.

Robin said...

I love your blocks the colors are so bright and happy. Thank you for sharing.

I voted!! we get to do mail in so I did mine early.

Robin in Washington State
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Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great block Bev and fun to see what fabrics you choose!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I love your blocks. How's work going?