Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Blocks and Words of Wisdom (not from me)

Thursday already and a week until Thanksgiving. I thought I was going to have Thanksgiving at Gina's so didn't have to frantically clean my house for company (does anyone but me do that?). But, I just found out that I'm having out-of-town company. sigh...

Last night I stitched up a couple of Farmer's Wife blocks. Block No 15 is called Buzzard's Roost. I look at the pattern and I can't figure out why they would name it that.
I also stitched up Farmers Wife Block No 16, Calico Puzzle. I'm still using mostly Simply Sweet fabrics and I'm afraid they are looking too similar.
I guess I'll start mixing in more fabrics. So I'll try to get my work done ahead so that I can clean next week. Do you think I'm awful because I resent having to clean for company instead of sew? I guess I'm just sad about missing the relaxing sewing days. This company is not my favorite and is very judgmental and critical. I'm sure God knows what He is doing by giving me this opportunity to practice tolerance and acceptance of the fact that I can't change them.

Remember those stories about ships steering into the rocks and sinking because of the siren songs they heard from the shore? Those hauntingly beautiful songs that told the sailors that it was safe to steer into the shore to go into the siren's arms? Well, family holidays have always been that way for me. I'm like the lulled sailors and succumb to the beautiful images on Pinterest and in magazines. Maybe this year will be could happen!

I wanted to share this with anyone who has teens in their life:

Have a happy Thursday. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for letting me share. I love my blogger friends! Cheery wave from Bev


Jan said...

I pinned that article, too. I think it applies to everyone, not just teens.

Susan said...

I clean for company too and that is part of my day today since I will have a houseful of family here for Thanksgiving and we have guests this saturday. I would also rather sew than clean but sometimes the dust and such just has to be tamed, so off I go with the promise to my sewing self that I will get a day to sew soon. I hope you do too.

barbara woods said...

love those words of wisdom but don't think a lot of teens are ready to do that. they have been handed everything they want for to long

Kathleen O'Grady said...

I would rather sew than clean any day and I understand that resentment. Sorry you have to entertain people that are like that, it totally ruins the holiday for me, stressing and wondering if I am living up to the expectation they want. Just be yourself and enjoy the true meaning of the holiday, even if you have to grit your teeth a time of to. Just think of when you get to sew and be happy :)

Mike Pearson said...

Thanks for that clipping. I enjoyed reading it! It's so true.