Monday, November 19, 2012

Not a perfect block but fun!

Monday of Thanksgiving week! Starting to clean and trying to get ahead of writing jobs. I was contacted today about an exciting giveaway for my blogger friends...more on that soon!

I did get a block done but it was really hard and the block looks like my little 3 year old granddaughter did it. But....I don't care. I ripped it out twice and it still doesn't fit together. I cut some new block pieces and still no matches. I decided that maybe (and that's a big maybe) I'll re-do it some time before I piece the quilt top. So if you are new to quilting or don't feel confident about piecing....there ya go!
It's Farmer's Wife Block No 18 Century of Progress (just not mine-lol). I'm not a perfect piecer but I love doing it and it's still fun for me.

I'm going to start putting my favorite Pinterest sayings on the blog every day. Here's the first one..
Can anybody relate? Have a great Monday! Hope you get to sew! Cheery wave! Bev


Anita said...

Lol on your pinterest saying! It should add "cough" too :) PS - I think your block is very cute!

Anonymous said...

Fun block!

sew.darn.quilt said...

Love where you're going with the block! You should say with much confidence, " It's supposed to be like that!"
Just for the record...I like it!
Oh, and another thing, the Pinterest saying....Hahaha-hahaha-hahaha:D
It's so true :D:D You just made my day!! Keep 'em coming!