Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I tried for an extended period of time (it seemed like hours but was probably 5 minutes) to get a photo of Charlie and Lola in their Halloween costumes. I couldn't even get their Halloween costumes on them.
Here's Lola during a brief respite from rolling around frantically to rid herself of her little hat.

And here's Charlie who thought having a pumpkin costume on his head was disgusting. I could only get a photo of him while I was holding his collar as he squirmed to get away. I had to offer treats to get back into their good graces and promise them that I wouldn't try that again....sigh.... Have a safe and happy Halloween! Cheery wave from Bev, Charlie and Lola


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Hope the rest of your Halloween is less exhausting Bev!

Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Cute pics!!! We used to dress our maltese, and my sister's maltese, with Cabbage Patch kids outfits...they both didn't mind and looked so adorable!!!

Happy Halloween :o)

gilly said...

Soooo cute! Happy Halloween,

Tina said...