Monday, August 20, 2012

And the Winners Are.....

Rather than use, I decided to have Sawyer, my grandson, choose two winning numbers out of his head. The first part of the video didn't make it to the screen for some unknown (to me) reason. But Sawyer will vouch for me that I told him to just pick the numbers randomly. I can't wear my glasses when I shoot video so there was a little confusion but Sawyer cleared that right up. The winning number was 14 for the fabrics and 127 for the pattern book.

The winner of the fat quarters and bunting panel is:  Sallie of Sallie's Sampler blog
The winner of the Collections Two pattern book is:  Gwen of In my own little corner blog

If Sallie and Gwen will send their mailing address to me at:, I'll get those prizes out to you right away.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I wish I have 166 prizes to give away! Tomorrow I'll start the HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY! Check on that for spooky fun! 

Have a great Monday and thanks again! Cheery wave from Bev


Gill said...

Thanks for a great giveaway and congratulations to Sallie and Gwen!

Gwen said...

:-) Thank you so much!! I am so excited and looking forward to this book!! And, thank you Sawyer for choosing my lucky number! :-)

Gwen said...

:-) Thank you so much! I am so excited and looking forward to this book!! And, thank you , Sawyer, for choosing my lucky number!! :-)

Kathleen O'Grady said...

Sawyer worked just fine on drawing the winning numbers for you. Thank you for the giveaway and congrats to the lucky winners :)