Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Top on Project #2 is Ready to Quilt!

Finally....the border is on Project #2 of my quest to finish some UFO's! If you click on the photo, you can see a bigger version but DON'T JUDGE ME, please. I prefer, since I designed the border, to take the stance of my first quilt teacher, Eleanor Burns! Don't worry...everything will quilt out! If I was doing it over, I would have made the yellow border aqua and would have waited to attach the corner flowers until the border was complete. Oh well. I guess I will work on getting Project #4 ready to quilt while I'm figuring out how to mark this quilt. I need something in the borders. I LOVE using Frixion pens by Pilot. They are gel pens that stay in place until you iron the fabric or throw the quilt in the dryer. I was going to order them for the shop but you can get them cheaper than I can sell them from Walmart and Walgreens (that I know of). They come in all kinds of colors.

So guess I'll get Project #4 (the Breeze quilt) backing pieced and get it sandwiched together. I don't look forward to that because it has a million bias edges and I'm not sure how those are going to "quilt out". So for today, I'll just enjoy the fact that my border fit and let it go at that.

One more thing, I appreciate all the emails I'm getting but am wondering why no-one is commenting on the blog? We are going to do a fat quarter giveaway but if no-one comments, that seems pretty pointless. Will the people who've been emailing tell me if you've had trouble commenting on the blog? Thanks!

Have a good Sunday! Cheery wave!

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paulette said...

I love your border...and the rest of the quilt for that matter!! Just lovely!
Maybe commenters are staying away because of the long two code verification words that you have to type in...easier to email. I took this off my blog to make it easier for commenters...just a thought...
Have a great day!