Monday, July 9, 2012

Project #4 is ready for binding!

I got Project #4 quilted by quilting in the ditch around all the squares. That made my "not great piecing" really stand out and made the sashing poof up in an unattractive way. My solution was to quilt the sashing.

I did a squiggly line with little circles down all the sashing and it did make it lay flat and look much better. It also "poofed" the squares.

Now all I have to do is bind it! My back hurts today though. Ironically, I used a new cushion while I was quilting that is supposed to be a lumbar support for while you quilt. My lumbar obviously was not impressed. I have a big day today and tomorrow at my "real job" and the deadline is tomorrow. Wish me luck! Hope you have a good Monday! Remarkably cheery wave from Bev!

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