Monday, June 18, 2012

UFO Project 4 and why I need a design wall!

Yesterday I sewed together the blocks for my UFO Project 4.

This top is made from Breeze fabric from the shop. I thought I would make a quilt from the Breeze fabric because it wasn't selling very well and before I even got the blocks finished, it sold out. As you can see from looking at the picture, I really need a design wall. I just don't have any room for one. I would never have put the blue check or pink floral blocks next to each other if I had a design wall. Oh well, I'm not taking it apart! There's lots of trimming on the edges of this quilt and lots of bias edges. I guess Charlie and Lola will get this one! I'm going to finish it though! It probably needs a border but we are out of the fabric so guess I'll just bind it. At least I'm making progress!

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Kerry Stitch Designs said...

When I need a design wall I just pin up some batting on the wall and stick the blocks on it. When I'm finished it gets folded (no really, it gets wadded up) and put back on the shelf.