Thursday, June 28, 2012

No Work on UFO's Today! New Fabric in the Shop!

I'm not getting to work on my UFO project today because we got some new fabrics in at the shop and I'm putting them on Etsy and eBay and Luulla. It's so time consuming, especially since I have the "real job" to deal with!
We got an adorable line of fabrics by Bunnies by the Bay that is inspired by their book. Baby Bunnies Everywhere is just adorable as you can see. The coordinating fabrics have little ducks, bees, carrots (with little bites out of them) and more.
I love all the items from Bunnies by the Bay. I remember when two sisters started it and they only made stuffed bunnies. They are a huge success now and sell all kinds of things including children's clothing, toys and more.

 We also got this darling fabric line called Let it Snow by Debra Jordan Bryan. I love all the snow people! They are so bright and festive!
I'll probably be "forced" at some point to make a project from these fabrics for the shop...heh heh. Hope you are all having a good week! Cheery wave!

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