Friday, January 1, 2010


We just wanted to share some of the things one of our favorite artists, Gina of Gina M Studio, is doing for 2010! I love, love, love her Dotty dishes! Her tree painting is so pretty with mica making it shine! We love her original art and now she is using it to make pendants. Her colors are just scrumptious. So if you want a little original art piece, you can get one of her pendants and wear it! I'll be wearing more than one but then I'm her lucky Mom and can raid her inventory! She has some new surprises for next year including fabric (I'm so happy about that!!!), more paintings, pottery, glass tile pendants and knowing Gina some things I haven't even imagined yet! You can keep up with Gina at her blog and her Etsy shop!


jabner said...

The site is just wonderful enjoyed seeing the items. They are just beautiful and really caught my eye when opening the site..I just went wow!!!, jabner, Matildia Patterns blog spot..

Micah said...

Oh my! Those polka dot dishes are making my heart go crazy. I am so in love with them. If only I could have a WHOLE SET!!!

Maranda Danelle said...

beautiful pendants!