Thursday, December 17, 2009


At 44th Street Fabric we know that you are getting ready for the holidays and you've already done any sewing for gifts. Yes, unlike me, your finished projects are already wrapped up and under the tree--right?

So now it's time for you to think about Spring! Spring sewing projects are best done during the really cold and great to be inside months coming up. I call it "Sewing Season"! At any rate, if you are like I am, you are thinking of things you want to make after the holidays have ended and the decorations are stored away for next year. My quiet times during the holidays are spent choosing patterns to make and then browsing fabrics for those patterns.

Well, in the event you have a process somewhat like mine, here's a little sample of just a few of the new patterns we are listing in the shop. We tried to have a variety of fun things to sew including bags, charm quilt patterns (for those fun little charm packs), childrens clothes, aprons, toys, pin cushions and more!

We are wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful customers. Keep watching our shop for new fabric and patterns, our blog for new Blog Fabric Giveaways (be sure and enter to win) and our blog for Charlie and Lola's (our little canine assistants) Christmas photo greeting! We are attempting a video but still working on that wouldn't believe the lenghts they go to just to rid themselves of their Christmas outfits....sigh...

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Seawashed said...

Thank you for visiting Sea Cottage. Your doggies are so cute. And the fabrics...and patterns for bloomers with lots of ruffle!!!! I love bloomers and skirts and dresses for little girlies and me with lots of ruffle!

Now all I need is a sewing machine.