Wednesday, December 9, 2009


LOVE U fabric by Deb Strain for Moda is now available at 44th Street Fabric! I've shown you on of my favorites, the ABC fabric in pretty pink with the coordinating dot fabric and the Snails and Turtles fabric in orange with the coordinating dot fabric just to show you how cute it is! In fact, I got a little note from Moda that came with the fabric that said they were cutting our orders short because this line was the most popular they have had in years and they wanted to make sure everyone got their order. Wow - that's really saying something considering they just came out with French General and sold out of it right away....hum... So you can see the rest of it (what we have left) in our Etsy shop and on the website. Just thought I'd show you cause the Love U line is so cute!
Be sure to enter our blog giveaway for FREE fabric (see our blogpost of 11/30/09 for details and to enter) and check out the Love U fabric for kids clothes, gifts, to do a baby nursery, for diaper bags, baby gifts...etc....etc....

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Gina said...

oh I found it! It is the Diva Red Floral by Mary Englebriet. Loving her fabric. Nice shop btw! Thanks so much for sending me my winnings from before! Love them!