Friday, August 14, 2009


Just finished quilting the front and back of the Practical Bag I'm making this weekend. This is the pattern that Martha Stewart likes and mentioned in her magazine! This is the second one I have made from this pattern. The first one was taken by Gina as soon as she saw it! I haven't seen it since. The pattern doesn't call for it to be quilted but I like the extra stability. I love, love, love the Moda Pashmina fabric I'm making it from but I'm very frustrated that I can't get a good photo of it! The colors look so dull in the photos and they are rich and bright in person. Indigo and Turkey Red are the colors but if the blue is right, the red looks rusty and if the red is right the blue looks gray. Sigh.... I'll show you more photos as I go. At least you can see what the bag looks like. This is a fun pattern to make up. I think I'll do one in Christmas fabric too! Tomorrow is the baby shower (did I tell you I'm going to be a grandmother again)? It's a big deal with a band and everything! I'll put pics on the blog--I'm sure it will be spectacular!

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Mathea said...

Loved the bag and pattern so much I just bought it and the flea market reversible bag! Thanks! Mathea