Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2015 Stash Bee June Block

Good morning! In case you didn't read my blog post about the Stash Bee, each year you can sign up to participate. You become a member of a "hive" that has 12 members. Each month the chosen "queen bee" can request that everyone create a quilt block. One of the best things about the Stash Bee is that everyone puts a detailed tutorial on the blog for the block they want. So whether you are participating or not, you can see 12 tutorials each month for some pretty cool blocks. My hive queen bee for June chose the Loopy Block which I finished this morning at 2PM when I could not sleep:

My hive queen requested a gray background, yellow loops and an orange center with no novelty prints, big flowers and no solids. She said to think geometry for fabric. Here is her block:

See how it works? At the end of the month, each member has a 12 block quilt. It's a lot of fun. To everyone who cares, I sold the bundle of fabrics I had on the blog yesterday. I'm cutting another for someone who wanted just orange fabric so I'll have another bundle ready today (hopefully). It has come to my attention that just because you leave a comment on the blog doesn't mean I get an email so I know you wanted to purchase. In the future, please email me! My email is Or just email me to say hello and let me know what you're up to! Well, must go get to work and try to make some money. Hope you will check out the Stash Bee and maybe participate next year! XO from Bev


margaret said...

this looks quilt a complicated block but have saved it to see if I can make one too. Good to hear you have sold the bundle from yesterday, and more sales in line for you Bev.

Anonymous said...

Glad you sold a bundle, hopefully you will sell another. Since it's Spring I am hoping to get stitching on my "bundles" I bought from you. I'd like to be done sewing my darks, but before Christmas and husband's illness, I bought lots of artsy darks and have kept sewing on them to not lose the momentum. Still waiting for estate to settle so am trying to sew with what I have. Any of the quilt shops in OKC need someone to stitch their quilts? Quiltworks has changed hands in the somewhat recent past so that might be a job if you're interested. Joanne Figueroa-Fig Tree once was blogging her need for a stitcher of quilts, and one of her primary stitchers now has books and a fabric line of her own and is maybe too busy. So designers we hear of may be an opportunity for you if you're interested. I did that for a quilt shop in town when I first got into quilting. I was still sewing clothing so I did some number of Indygo Junction clothing for the shop that hung in the shop to sell patterns. Have totally given that up. Sorry if that's too much information, but I know you are looking for opportunity and you are wonderfully talented. Hoping to get to OKC before it gets too hot so I can quilt shop and hit the yarn shop around #44 and May. Will call you before I do that. Dallas first tho as my son is having some surgery. Need to see my kiddos to stay above water, you know how that goes. Hugs.Stephani in N. TX (