Thursday, April 16, 2015

I won something!

Hi everyone! I had a good day all day yesterday which is the first one in a long time. WooHoo! I've told you that, if you aren't on Instagram, you should check it out! I won the cutest little potholder made by kitqueen50 on Instagram. It is adorable! Only I'm not using it as a potholder, I hung it in my kitchen:

My kitchen is yellow and red with cherries. Again I apologize for the color in the photo. The yellow walls are a much nicer yellow that it looks like in this photo...anyway, it's the perfect size for this little corner of the kitchen. Here is a closeup of the "potholder" with the keyring she also sent. Just look at that quilting!

The pattern is from Lori Holt's new book, Farm Girl Vintage. Then, as if that wasn't enough, I had lunch with Karen Walker! She's adorable. She teaches rotary cutting of the Farmer's Wife blocks and is the only person who has the blessing of the book's author. No other person who teaches it has permission from the author. She has a great blog with lots of free tutorials. You can visit her blog HERE if you aren't one of her regular readers. Anyway, I snapped a photo of Karen:

She's actually prettier in person. She lives in Oregon and is on a road trip to Texas with her Mom. I'm so glad she stopped by Oklahoma City to have lunch. I've made so many friends on Blogger and wish with all my heart I could meet each of you. If you are ever coming through Oklahoma City, let's do lunch! Listen up Annette in Edmond. I never imagined I would have such close blog friends. You know who you are and I love you all. In fact, I love and appreciate everyone who stops by the blog and whose blogs I watch. Quilters are such great (well, with a couple of exceptions) people. It's so wonderful to have a fabulous day! Hope you are all having a great day too!  Love you guys! Bev


barbara woods said...

we love you to, so glad to have so many great quilting friends

Little Quiltsong said...

Love your little pot holder, and how it matches your 'cherry' plates on the wall.
Lunch sounds great - but in the meantime I enjoy following your blog :)!

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Very cute congratulations! You've also won lots of hearts, cuz you're a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks so cheery with yellow walls and cherry accents. I am so happy for you to have such a positive upbeat day. You should have more, am sure they will come. Love going to Quiltworks and the knitting shop just a jog away. If I can get myself to drive that way, I will call you for lunch. Don't hold your breath though, I am working hard to get the nerve to drive alone these long distances. Love all the McDonald's on the way to get out and stretch. Stephani in N. TX