Friday, March 13, 2015

Stuff I'm Selling

Good morning all! We made it to Friday-Woot!  I'm listing things in the Etsy shop today because I still haven't found gainful employment and Mr. Darcy apparently doesn't like old, fat women. Seriously, it's hard for an old woman to find a job. So, I'm selling some things that I was going to keep for myself. First, for lovers of Lori Holt fabrics, I'm selling this Fat Quarter Bundle of Sew Cherry fabrics. I don't know of anywhere else that you could find this. It was so popular and sold out almost right away everywhere. It's in my Etsy shop HERE.  NOTE: SEW CHERRY BUNDLE IS SOLD

I'm also selling a fat quarter bundle of Sweetest Thing fabric. It sold out quickly too. It was designed by Zoe Pearn, the Australian designer. I used these fabrics in my Farmer's Wife quilt. Sweetest Thing is listed HERE.

Please check out the Etsy shop HERE because I've listed fabrics on sale for $4.50 a yard. Some of it is on sale for less than wholesale. These fabrics are perfect for stash building and for quilt backs. In addition, I've listed some of my quilts and will also be listing unfinished tops in case you want to quilt something but don't want to piece it yourself. One of the quilts I'm selling is the Farmer's Wife quilt that was quilted by Karen Walker, the long arm quilting and Farmer's Wife expert. She has wonderful classes on Craftsy for this quilt and you can find her HERE if you want to make your own or have something quilted. Seriously, she is awesome. Anyway, here's the Farmer's Wife quilt:  NOTE:  FARMER'S WIFE QUILT SOLD

You can find the listing HERE. If you need a little wall hanging to brighten up a room, check out this listing for my modern Baltimore quilt:  NOTE: SMALL WALLHANGING HAS SOLD

I quilted this one myself. You can see the listing HERE. I'll be listing more quilts and unfinished tops this weekend. If you don't want to buy anything, please send me good thoughts and virtual hugs. It sucks to be alone and poor! Have a great weekend! XO from Bev


Podunk Pretties said...

SEW CHERRY! that's pure gold! I need that! Stupid broken sewing machine has used up my quilty budget for the month! I'm gonna go cry.

Laugh Yourself into Stitches said...

you are awesome!!!

Missy Shay said...

You are so talented! I am sorry you have not found a job yet, I know it can be very hard to find a job sometimes. Maybe you could teach beginning quilting classes at your local recreation center, that is where I took my one and only class. She did not teach more classes or I would have taken more.

Lisa said...

Yes teaching, I know you can do it! Call your LQS and ask if they have a teacher for beginning sewing or quilting! If they already have someone give them your name and number as a backup. I know it sucks but you can get through it! I think you are talented and beautiful! We are not old! Apply for college and grants. I am just pulling things out of the air but sometimes that is all it takes. I worked for 2 years once for a temp agency it started as a typist and It lead to other things bigger. XX you are in my prayers! Hate seeing you sad!

Unknown said...

Sending virtual hugs. I love how you stay positive and upbeat on your blog. I know how difficult a situation you are in and I am hoping to hear some good news from you soon.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see its Sew Cherry when I went to Etsy. Did it sell? I'm interested.