Monday, March 2, 2015

Stash Bee Block for March

Hello everyone! Today I stitched up the March Stash Bee quilt block. Robin is the Queen Bee this month and she requested a block with 16 half square triangles in aqua and white. I made one using ombre fabric that goes from dark to light. I'm not too keen on it though. What do you think?

As usual the photo isn't the best quality. I may end up making another block for her and letting her choose or sending them both. So who watched Downton Abby last night? It was amazing and a very satisfying end to this season. Anyone who is not watching is depriving themselves of a wonderful experience. The dresses, the hats, the decor, the servants and society's all very authentic. There is a man who is an expert on that time in history and he coaches the actors in everything they do to make it conform to the times. For example, the ladies had to sit with their backs perfectly straight at all times. At the big dinner table, when the hostess talked to the person on the right, all the ladies at the table talked to the person on their right. When the hostess turned to the left, so did all the other ladies. It's just so interesting to see how they lived. The story line is good too. Honestly, I never have gone on and on about something on television before. If you haven't watched it and you get a chance, I hope you'll treat yourself! So what's on your plate today? We still have snow and are expecting rain which will turn into ice. I can't wait for spring! Well, have a great week! XOfrom Bev

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Alison V. said...

I am a fan! I'm still trying to figure out what I will be doing for mine.