Friday, November 14, 2014

Quilt Color Inspiration

Good morning! I've been making quilts based on a color palette that I've used for 2 or 3 years now. I really want to change but I keep going back to the same colors. The original inspiration for my color palette was this photo:
I'm a regular Pinner and follower of Design Seeds. If you aren't familiar with this gorgeous website, you really need to check it out. So I'm trying to switch over to other colorways but I keep coming back to this one. Here are a few Design Seeds in my colors:
Okay, so here are some new ones I'm looking at:
You'll notice the deeper, darker, richer colors in these new groups. I don't's an investment in both fabrics and time to make something and see how I like the finished results. How do you choose colors? Do you have a regular color combination that you go back to over and over? I'd love to know what other people do to expand and grow insofar as their fabric collections are concerned. Let me know, will ya? And have a happy weekend! XO and cheery wave from Bev


audrey said...

I've worked with the same basic color range over and over before, wondering why I kept going back. Sometimes I think our mind is trying to get it all figured out, all the nuances and subtleties! Now I don't even try to fight it. Whatever is drawing us back in about a particular color combination, is no doubt speaking to our hearts and makes us happy on a very deep level. Your colors are gorgeous!!

margaret said...

I think we all have certain colours we turn to, mine are green and orange/tan but when I look at my hoard I seem to have every colour there but not too much green and very little yellow or red. I do not seem drawn to red though, admire red work but plan to do some green work instead.

Jane in Cumbria said...

I used to make quilts for family members, based on their colour preferences. But they all have their quilts now, so I can do my own thing, and I love certain colours, which I will probably always use, because they are 'me' and I can express myself in them.

Kerry Stitch Designs said...

A special pallet? I just put in everything I like.