Thursday, October 2, 2014

No Time to "Machine Sew"!

I have been SO busy at my "real job" that I have had NO time to sew on the machine. Seriously, it's so depressing! I've been working so many hours, have had things to do that I usually don't do (like take Charlie to get his blood tested), get ready for an appraiser to come to the house, etc. When I am so busy, I let "detail cleaning" go. Now, I have to do that cleaning...uggg. Also, I have the shop and cutting, packing and shipping fabric. I'm glad to do it all but sewing has to take a back seat. I did grab an old project (yes, it was in the ufo box that spilled out on the floor).
It's a hand applique quilt that just needs a few more blocks and then I can set them together. So before I fall asleep, I sit and do a little hand sewing. I finished the block above that was almost done. I also got this block finished:
It's all homespuns so you know how old these blocks are! I just need to finish one more block (it's cut out--just needs to be stitched) and then I'm going to set them together and be done with it. I actually think I go into withdrawal if I don't get to handle fabric for more than a couple of days! I didn't realize how much I need to do something every day. Also, I'm itching to work on Love Entwined, the new Aurifil block for October is out and I finally got the September block for the Austin Bluebird quilt today. So much to do and so little time! It's 10:45 PM and I still have a couple of assignments to write before I can go sleep. I hope all you retired ladies who have all day to quilt appreciate your circumstances! Hope you have a good Friday! XO and cheery (but tired) wave from Bev


paulette said...

I LOVE these blocks...YOU have got to finish these Bev, they are wonderful!!

margaret said...

your time will come Bev when you retire and can stitch as much as you want. Your applique pieces are so beautifully done no sign of stitches on them, do you use freezer p. Like you the housework gets neglected in my house, one of the joys of living on my own nobody knows

Missy Shay said...

I understand, since I've started working quilting has taken a back burner and I really missed it. I finally set my machine up in the living room so I can get 5 - 15 minutes of sewing done day. I love those homespuns!

Jacqueline said...

I am glad you are working on this UFO I think it will be a beautiful quilt.

And yes retirement is the BEST.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

You are so busy! Your blocks look great!

Leanne said...

You are such a busy lady, love seeing whats inside your UFO Box.