Friday, October 10, 2014

I'm SO busy (but I snuck in some sewing time)!

I don't get can someone so busy seem to get nothing done? Sigh. I thought I should make an appearance on the blog because people are starting to email me and ask if I'm okay. I love you all so much for that! I was so crazy to sew last night!! I haven't done any sewing in so long! Anyway, I was watching Project Runway while I was writing and they were making a dress in one hour as a challenge. It occurred to me that I could take 10 minutes and sew something together that is in my "cut but not stitched" pile. So here's what I did:

You can tell that I'm still really "stiff" when it comes to this kind of It's from Mary Lou Weidman's book, "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks". You don't just cut and sew. It's SO hard to do that! The blocks look all wonky but the way she puts it together make them look amazing. Look at some of her quilts!

So much fun but so hard for a traditional, "everything must be perfect" quilter to do!

Don't think it looks hard? Try it! She is such a great person and such a talented artist! She recently lost her husband, Mark, to cancer. She is a real trooper who is working hard to get by. Visit her website to see more cute quilts or to buy the book HERE.

 Jason is coming up from Dallas this weekend for my birthday so I'm cleaning house today...sigh. Thanks again for checking on me! I'm fine..just busy. Love you guys! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Missy Shay said...

I know that I could never do that!

margaret said...

good to see you on the blog, have seen you active on pinterest so knew all was well. I do like the way this lady works very eye catching quilts and your block has worked so well

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Well first I would like to wish you a happy birthday! I enjoy wonky. Probably because my blocks usually turn out that way. Have a fun birthday weekend.

Tanya said...

Ahhh - I think you did quite well with the "freeness" of that block! And, don't you love what Kini can accomplish in a day, with all the extreme detailing (like horsehair, etc.)!!! And, aren't you glad that Korina is gone? Shudder!

Happy free sewing this weekend, my friend - hope you find some optimal time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for featuring Mary Lou on your blog today. I've been fortunate to take some classes from her and attend three of her retreats and got to meet her lovely husband Mark.

If you get a chance to see the cow parade that has been traveling around go and enjoy it. Mary Lou is such a wonderful source of whimsy and inspiration to all of us who have oarticipatrd with our quilts.

Sandi said...


I don't know why my comment above was posted ass anonymous but thanks for posting it.