Monday, October 27, 2014

A New Iron!

I got a new iron last night! I couldn't wait. Sadly, I think my old, expensive iron has seen its last day. I like the new iron well enough..cost me $15 at Walmart. I stitched two blocks from the Women of the Bible BOM. First is the Eve block because she is the first woman in the Bible and she is in the center of the quilt:
I decided to do my quilt in red and yellow mainly and to use one of my favorite prints for the background. It's a Riley Blake print that I've had in the store and no-one has bought any of it at all. I don't know why but, heck, I'll use it. It has all my color palette: red, yellow, green, orange,pink and there's even a bit of aqua. We'll see if it ends up being too strong for the quilt when I start putting blocks together. The second block is the Rachel (and Leah) block.
This block looks better in person. The yellow floral washes out in the's much brighter in person. These are easy blocks that are both 15" so pretty big.

Now I have to correct myself. The ladies at Little Quilts who are giving these patterns away, are not going to have them for sale. If you miss the patterns, they won't be available again until the BOM is finished in 2015. Then you can buy all the patterns on a CD. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you get two patterns free every two weeks. Today is the last day for the first two patterns. Tomorrow there will be another newsletter with patterns 3 and 4. If you sign up for the newsletter, you get the block patterns immediately. You can sign up HERE. You can search their website for patterns, fabrics and other little quilts fun stuff while you're there. I just wanted to get the correct information out there for you. Well, hope you have a good week! I'm going to get to work on my "real job". XO and cheery wave from Bev


barbara woods said...

at least if this iron goes out you want feel so bad, great blocks

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing about the Women of the Bible Quilt. Seems to me if you like the Farmer's Wife Quilt you'd like this too. By the way- have you seen this quilt that's going around the internet? I'm not sure how you feel about EPP but I thought you'd appreciate this.

Unknown said...

Will I get the 1st two patterns since I signed up for the newsletter today? My email is ( This is the first I have seen the post for the BOM.
What brand of iron did you get at Walmart? I live in a little town, and that is all we have nearby. I need to replace mine since I accidently knocked it off the ironing board and now it is too hot to use for anything. Thanks.

margaret said...

Bev you are good having done these first 2 blocks, I too have signed up but at the moment my plan is to collect all the blocks prior to making the quilt. Love the background fabric you have used, it works so well with your other fabrics

Jane in Cumbria said...

That is going to be an interesting quilt to make! I look forward to the other blocks.