Friday, August 29, 2014

Still on the Farm....

I was able to sew some of the blocks I've cut out for my next Farmer's Wife quilt. Honestly, Karen Walker's classes for rotary cutting these blocks makes it so fast and easy that it really tempted me to do another quilt. Each of her classes has instructions for at least 10 blocks. Here are two that I stitched up last night:


I'm using the starter strips that I'm selling on my Etsy shop. I love to do fussy cutting. You can find the fat eighth bundle I put together HERE. You can find Karen's fast and easy 12 month Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival Class HERE. Just 10 little blocks a month and you'll have the entire quilt done in a year! That's really doable! I'm so happy to be sewing again! My son, Jason, is in Tokyo and sent this photo from his hotel room:
Pretty, isn't it! He's on vacation and I did give him detailed maps to the largest fabric stores there. I guess one of the most popular fabric stores is called Tomato. Weird, huh? We'll see if he goes to any of them. Well, guess I'll get to work on my pesky "real job". Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! XO and cheery wave from Bev

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good to hear from you sis