Saturday, August 2, 2014

Austin Bluebirds and The SuperVet made me cry!

It's Saturday! Last night I sewed both the traditional and the bright star blocks for the Austin Bluebird BOM. I'm making sister quilts. One from the traditional fabrics that come with the BOM and one from bright fabrics from my stash. Hopefully, I'll have two of the gorgeous Austin Bluebird quilts at the end! This is from a pattern by the uber-talented Minick and Simpson and the traditional fabric is from their new lines. So here's the first part of this month's--a star and some quarter square blocks. This time I took a picture of them side by side:
and here are the Churn Dash blocks for this month:
There's also an American flag but I don't have it finished yet. Stitching all these together makes one big block. It really isn't (so far) that big a deal to, while I'm cutting anyway, to do two blocks. If this works well for me, I may do it when I make other quilts.

I started my Saturday watching the television show, "The SuperVet". I've never seen it before. It's about a veterinarian who specializes in severely injured and sick animals. I tell ya, by the end, I was sobbing! Of course, Charlie and Lola were anxiously trying to make it all better and I felt like I had to get hold of myself because they were so concerned. I'm sure they thought "oh no--the old girl has lost it--who will feed us". All the animals survived but it was touch and go and the owners were there crying and worrying. I guess that, because of Charlie's heart condition, I could really relate to the distraught owners. I LOVE the super vet himself. There was a lab who had a broken neck and couldn't walk on his back legs. The super vet thought that, if the lab survived surgery, he may not be able to walk and would have to be put down. Two days after the surgery, the super vet came in and the lab walked over to him. Well, the vet sat down on the floor, the lab curled up in his lap and the vet just sobbed. I tell ya, I was a wreck watching it.

Now that I've recovered from SuperVet, I'm headed to the sewing machine. I'm going to clean my machine today. For a link to my favorite tutorial, click HERE. It's by Robyn at Dog Named Banjo blog. I clean my machine every 5 bobbins and I've had it for many years with no major problems. I use it almost every day. Whenever I take it in for service, the service guy always comments on how clean it is. He tells me that most machine problems are caused by not cleaning the machine often enough. Of course, you, my blogging buddies, probably clean your machine every week and would put me to shame with your cleaning technique.

Have a happy Saturday! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

Love your bright version of Austen Bluebirds, will you keep both quilts? Anything involving a labrador would have me in tears. Thanks for the link to machine maintenance, must get onto that!

Leanne said...

Your blocks are lovely,

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

WARNIING just thought I'd let your readers know that not all machines require oiling, I have a Husqvarna and on checking the manual mine does not need to be lubricated. I did give it a good clean though - thanks!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I love the idea of making twin quilts! I also clean my machine often. Super Vet, I would be a mess!

margaret said...

your blcoks are looking good Bev. The super vet is it the British one if so you will be having many more tears. My machine gos in for a service on wednesday shame on me have had it 22 years and this is the first service but when I booked it in he said no problem as it is such a good machine. He even collects it and brings it but afterwards.

Heather said...

I am loving the Austin bluebird quilt. You are sure tempting me with both that quilt and Gossip in the garden. Too many fun ideas!