Monday, August 18, 2014

An inspiring blogger with tips and tricks for decorating a rental property!

Monday! I've been working on things that aren't "showable" so thought I would share this with you. This blogger is so inspiring! She is a military wife who has to move frequently. She has just the best tips and tricks for decorating a rental property to make it feel like home!
She blogs at 11 Magnolia Lane and you can find her HERE! Even if you don't live in a rental property, her tips are very inspiring. I had to make some curtains for my new front door and that got me on sort of a "what can I do to spruce this place up" kick. Look what she did in this kitchen--she painted the backsplash tile! What a difference! I'd of never thought of painting tile!
And will my laundry room ever look like this? Hahahahahahahaha!
Thanks again to all of you who sent their support for me weathering the "home invasion". It was enlightening to read all the comments and emails about how often this is happening over the country. I had no idea. So stay safe! Hope you enjoy the talented designer at 11 Magnolia Lane blog. Maybe you'll be inspired! XO and cheery wave from Bev


barbara woods said...

wish my laundry room looked like that to

margaret said...

wish I had a laundry room! Hope you get some good ideas and put them to use in your home.