Saturday, July 26, 2014

Traditional Austin Bluebird Block Ones Both Finished!

Here's the traditional Austin Bluebird BOM from the first month. I haven't trimmed them and sewn them together because the instructions didn't say to do that yet. I'm making two of these quilts - one bright fabrics from my stash and one with the traditional fabrics that come with the quilt. I figured that, as long as I have to get patterns enlarged and buy special bias tape makers, I might as well make two at once.

and here's the bright one (that you've already seen):

Let's not discuss my photography skills...okay? This is a big block and there are only so many places I have to lay them out (without dogs claiming them). My dining room table has my Oklahoma Beauty quilt blocks waiting for more sashing. I'm planning on doing that today. I thought I'd also work on Gossip in the Garden but we'll see. There may be some (a smidge) of housework in there. I'm NOT working on my real job today, that's for sure. What are you working on? Doing any sewing this weekend? Hope your Saturday is happy! XO and cheery wave from Bev


20 North Ora said...

Hi Bev - I'm still doing Christmas sewing. And it's suppose to be 104 degrees this afternoon. Ugh!

Love both of your blocks - they look so different.


GO STARS! said...

I've been sorting out my sewing room the past couple of days after finishing a string quilt top. I know what you mean about having a pet sit on your project while you're trying to take a picture. My cat walks across it or sits down in the middle every time.

Jacqueline said...

Love the block in both color ways...I am hand quilting this weekend.

margaret said...

both colour ways work well here. Good to read you are working on the Oklahoma quilt today. I joined all 49 blocks that were left from heh Tula blocks yesterday and ordered a roll of batting as now 6 flimsies lined up. Also made a wonky pinwheel block which I rather like. Toady think I am going to have another go at trying to crochet

Leanne said...

Your sewing is beautiful. love your colours, also that quilt with the houses is beautiful.