Friday, June 6, 2014

Still Gossiping in the Garden and an Adorable Project from 20 North Ora

Good morning! It's storming here and it's so dark outside (even though the sun was up earlier) that I can't see the trees in my back yard from my window. Lola has caught Charlie's fear of storms and they are both laying on my feet. Last night I finished two of the blocks in the Gossip in the Garden quilt:
This quilt just has the most fun blocks to do. And, yes, I'll press it my embroidery skills are sorely lacking!

I didn't realize just how big this quilt will be. I'm finished with the embroidery but there is still more applique and, of course, lots of pieced blocks. So what are you guys up to? Have you ever visited Judy at the 20 North Ora blog? She is an artist who does the most creative things ever. I've been trying to get her to do a book with her projects and she totally ignores me about the book. Anyway, here is one of her projects. It's an old shutter. She painted it and is hanging it on her porch.
How creative is that? I had a big old shutter that I just recently got rid of...drat! You can find Judy HERE. You should visit her. She is the sweetest, most giving person! She is always doing something for other people and has been a wonderful friend to me. You will love her and all her creative projects! Well, guess I'll get to work. Have a great Friday! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Unknown said...

your Milk and sugar picture is gorgeous!!!! With the lovely sitting area and tables and beautiful tea set…I could spend all day in there!

20 North Ora said...

Thanks Bev! You are so sweet! I will measure one of my beds for the dollhouse and let you know what size it is, OK? I would be thrilled with a little quilt.

Love those quilt blocks in that series. So cute!

Have a nice, rainy weekend!


gilly said...

Love those blocks, and please give Charlie & Lola a cuddle from me. Happy weekend, xx