Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Stuff

The ladies at In Between Stitches sent me the pattern for Gossip in the Garden (in case you're looking for it in the USA) and this is Block A. It's not finished because there is more hand work on the birds and there will be quilted steam coming from the teapot.
I couldn't get a good picture of it because it is so windy here. I had to put it on the seat of a lawn chair. I tried putting it on the floor and Charlie wouldn't stay off of it. The embroidery sayings on the quilt are in primitive writing and that's good because my embroidery skills leave a lot to be desired. It says:

              The birds sang their morning song as the kettle started to boil....

 I struggled with whether to use my fabrics that are bright but decided to go ahead when I realized that I don't have that many pale, faded fabrics in my stash. I think that, when it is together, it will be okay. This is one of the smallest blocks in the quilt so it will take forever but it is so fun.
Today is my son Jason's birthday! He's spending it with Dylan and they sent me this photo of both of them in rocking chairs. I have no idea where they are but Happy Birthday Jason! Hope you are all having a great weekend! XO and Cheery wave from Bev


margaret said...

this block is different Bev very nice

20 North Ora said...

That will be a cute quilt Bev. I am busy helping Brenda get moved so have not had much free time to check out blogs.

Watch out for the weather later today.