Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A few FREE tutorials!

Good morning! I've been working like crazy at my "real job" because we have a new client. I'm writing the copy for their front page and the other visible copy on their website. No time to quilt for me. But, I take frequent breaks and look at Pinterest to "rest my mind"-lol-(it's true I swear!). At any rate, I've found some awesome tutorials that are free and thought I'd share in case you haven't seen them. Here's one for the Rising Sun quilt:
 It's posted on the Victorian Quilt Designs blog and you can find it HERE. It even includes a tutorial for a scalloped edge for this quilt. I think the design is stunning!

Next, if you haven't seen this method of making Flying Geese units, you have to try it! It's fast and easy and best of all, accurate! These are Karen Walker's instructions from her Farmer's Wife Quilt Revival lessons:

Her illustrated instructions are so easy to read! You can find her tutorial HERE and the lessons for the Farmer's Wife quilt blocks HERE.

Next is a Scrappy Blocks tutorial for a paper-pieced quick way to use up your scraps. I'm so doing this (when I have time).
You can find it HERE. Another Fast and easy block from The Girl Who Quilts blog. So enjoy these wonderful bits of knowledge and talent! Hope your Tuesday is a happy one! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Pinkadot Quilts said...

Thanks for all those sites to check out. I love that first quilt.

Michelle said...

I hadn't seen Rising Sun or the scrappy block -- now I've got them both pinned! :-)

glassbylindi.blogspot.com said...

How about a very easy blogging tutorial? I pressed on something and can't figure out to fix it. L

Quilting Stories said...

Thanks for those links, always useful!

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Oh so Cool! I have the Santa puzzle that Rising Sun was designed from! I love that picture and thought about making a quilt like Santas. Now I've got to do it...and maybe convince the Grandkids that Santa left his quilt with us!

margaret said...

many thanks will check these out especially the flying geese ones