Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free Pattern for Valentine's Day

Jennifer Heynen a/k/a Jennifer Jangles designs the cutest fabrics and makes the cutest projects. She's also a potter and makes ceramic beads. I just love everything she does. She has a free pattern on her blog today of this:
and you can get the instructions HERE. Everything she creates is bright and beautiful (my favorite) and has lots of layers. You can tuck a little note in that pocket on the front to the little ones in your life for Valentine's Day or you can tuck in candy or money. Just a little treat for your Thursday. Hope you aren't having the cold weather that we are (9 degrees-snow-13 below wind chill). Stay warm and happy! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Lynn said...

This is adorable. Thank you for directing us to the directions!

Debra said...

So cute! Those fabrics really make it. Thanks!!!

gilly said...

Aw that's just gorgeous! Hope all's well with you & the two wee ones too,
love & hugs