Thursday, February 13, 2014

Charlie's Trip to the Vet

Last night I worked until 11 PM to make up for taking off to take Charlie to the vet. Afterward I still couldn't sleep so got these blocks out to stitch some together. All I got done was to press 4 blocks before I gave up and went to bed.

They are hand-appliqued blocks that I did ages ago and I just love them. Why I have so many things in the UFO stage is a mystery to me but I'm going to remedy that this year, by golly!

 Charlie's vet is the 24/7 emergency vet for Oklahoma City and they have state of the art equipment and the vets are just the best. It was busy yesterday. There were over 10 dogs in the emergency room. My heart goes out to the owners who have to sit helplessly by while their beloved babies are being treated. I had a major gratitude attack while Charlie was waiting. As you can see, he was less than thrilled to be there.
This is Charlie's primary vet, Dr. Boatsman:
He is a very nice young man who always puts Charlie's visits down as a recheck so we don't get charged. Charlie did have to have a blood test though and he was a little high in the "kidney bad stuff" area but not so bad he has to be taken off of his heart meds.

So that's how we spent the glorious Wednesday that was sunny and in the 40's! This weekend is going to be in the 60's and next week the 70's! So sorry for those on the East Coast who are getting the storms that we had with the ice and snow! My next door neighbor lost 3 big, huge trees to the ice in this past storm and the tree removal guys have just finished hauling the remains off. I am grateful that they didn't fall on my roof! I will really miss them because they shaded the entire east side of my yard. I'll bet they were 50 years old at least. Well, enough rambling. I'm off to write about men's pants and women's perfumes. Have a great Thursday! XO and cheery wave from Bev


Debra said...

Poor Charlie.. glad he is okay. The blocks are beautiful!! It's so nice when we are still in love things that we made long ago.. even if they are still UFOs. Lots of snow here! (

Noelle the dreamer said...

Poor little Charlie indeed and happy all is well.
Blood tests are always worrisome, even more so since our furry friends cannot share their anxiety.

GO STARS! said...

Love the blocks and so happy Charlie is doing well. How nice to have a vet that will work with you to keep costs down.

margaret said...

beautiful applique. Good to hear vet was pleased with Charlie and can continue with his medication.

Laugh Yourself into Stitches said...

Another exciting day in the life of Charlie and Bev. Glad you both are okay. :). LOVE your appliqué blocks ! XOXOXO

gilly said...

Aw, poor wee Charlie - please give him an extra cuddle from me. Love your blocks and glad the storm didn't cause you any immediate damage. Happy weekend,
hugs xx

Heather said...

Happy to hear Charlie is OK. My son has a dog that he rescued that has several health issues and he too has a great vet that helps with the costs. Really makes a difference!

Marianne said...

Charlie's vet is a cutie -and a nice guy too! Give him (Charlie, not the vet) a hug from me.