Friday, December 20, 2013

My Changing Family

 Good Morning! I only have 6 more Oklahoma Beauty blocks to finish so I made a collage in Picasa to see what colors I should do the last blocks in. I'm getting this collage thing down now.

Well, I've been told that we are having our family Christmas on Monday instead of on Christmas Day. My little family is changing so much. Jason and Dylan's Mom have split so he is coming up from Dallas on Sunday with Dylan. She is having Christmas Day with her mother. Eric's 3 girls are having Christmas Day with their mother and his wife, a nurse, will be working on Christmas Day. Gina's kids are having Christmas Day with their father. Gina has a new love interest in her life so he will be joining us with his two children. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone else has a traditional "intact" family and I am the only one with new people at the family table on every holiday? When people split who've been together for a number of years, the entire family has a loss. The upshot of all this is that I will be alone on Christmas. I have friends who have invited me but it's not the same, you know?

I can't wait to see Dylan! She's 4 years old now and apparently a real character. She apparently begged her teacher to let her be Santa in her school play:
Note the Hello Kitty shirt that Santa is wearing. I just think that is so funny. I am behind in my "real job" again so have to work like crazy to get billable hours before the end of the month! I'm also still selling fabric and patterns half price so I have fabric to ship too. Are your days crazy busy right now? Talk to you soon! XO and Merry Christmas from Bev


paulette said...

Our kids scattered for Christmas too...hence why we are Snowbirding early!! You want your kids to lead independent lives but don't you just hate it at Christmas when this happens...Stay busy, it's just a day!! Make your DAY when Dylan is there!
Big hug!

Lisa said...

Well I will have my daughter home who is a nurse, but she has to leave going back home on Christmas morning. My husband is a firefighter and has to work Christmas Day as well. Lisa will be sewing ALL DAY LONG!

20 North Ora said...

Bev - How do I find out what quilt tops you have for sale?

Gorgeous blocks all together!!


Katy said...

Your family Christmas story sounds like a page out of my Moms book too! Take a deep breath, love the ones that are dear when they're near, but don't forget to love yourself too! Have a Wonderful Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Bountiful New Year. Hugs!!

Beausoleil Quilts said...

I just love your Oklahoma Beauty blocks. I will be sorry when you have finished them, and will miss seeing each new one.
Your family seems fairly typical for these times, unfortunately. Such a shame. Hope you and your Shi Tzus have a lovely Christmas together, and enjoy your early Christmas celebration with your family.

Mary Jane said...

You are not alone. Even "traditional" families have holes to fill. We just love them all anywhere, anytime and any place we can get them!

margaret said...

your collage is looking amazing.
Like you I will be on my own, having our meal on 28th when both daughters are free, Helen who is a nurse will call before she does a night shift Xmas day. It is a shame that families do not get together like they used to but we are more scattered about than in the good old days! Afraid I have done nothing about decorations or a tree, seems a little pointless, I do have over 20 pictures etc I have made in the past but do not go in the lounge so thought a waste of time going to the effort of putting them up, I live in my kitchen which is the room I keep warm. Have a peaceful day and all the best for 2014.U expect we will both be stitching on 25th!

Elsina said...

I hope you have a wonderful Xmas Bev, despite the family changes. And an awesome 2014 filled with love and happiness, health and prosperity!
hugs, Elsina

Lisa said...

You are not alone! We are having Dinner Christmas eve with our Daughter, then just us for Christmas 1st time ever I think. Then we have Christmas again at the beach on the 28th with our oldest daughter and things around here are nuts!