Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Bad Pet Mommy Story and a Winner!

First, thanks to everyone who entered what's probably our last giveaway for the shop! The winner of the Eleanor Burns book is Collette from Riteside Farms. Here is Charlie's scary adventure from yesterday and, because I'm so busy, here are some borrowed things from Pinterest to give you a holiday smile!

Sigh...Yesterday afternoon Charlie started having a really hard time. His little body would jerk every few seconds and he was having trouble breathing. Of course, I rushed him to the vet. When the vet took him in her arms, she immediately picked a pill out of his little beard. I have been so careful (I thought) to make sure that his pills are in his mouth and that he swallows them. Apparently, this one got by me. I swear I didn't see it. The result of this was that Charlie spent until late last night in the vet's office in the oxygen cage and got IV fluids and back on his medication. He's doing well again today. It just really brought home to me the fact that his condition is very fragile. Without this medication, I doubt if he would make it.

 For those who asked, it is called Pimobenden. It is only authorized for use in dogs and is a new drug and that's why it's so expensive. I found out that his blood pressure meds and his Lasix are available at Walmart for $4. Also, people have asked what website it is that lets you get medications for pets a lot cheaper and it is:

So all is well today. I've got a little comb that I'm using now to check Charlie's face to make sure he is not hiding a pill in his little beard. Thanks again to everyone who has bought fabric from the shop. It means the world to me and to Charlie. 

I hope you enjoy this little video! I so appreciate everyone's comments and support through this tough time. Hope your holidays are going better! Love you all! XO


Lisa said...

You are not a bad pet Mommy our little doggys are smart and most medicines taste bad. They trick us George would eat the piece of hot dog and spit out the little pill. So I understand! You have done everything you possibly can for Charlie, so don't feel bad. Keep you chin up!

20 North Ora said...

How scary!! Those little babies are so much smarter than we give them credit for. Here's hoping you all have a good day!


Katy said...

Glad to hear Charlie is doing better...and you're welcome on the fabric purchases and good cheer. I have always liked visiting your store and your blog and will continue to and hope the future is even brighter for you and yours. said...

poor charlie!

try california pet meds for meds, also. we have always been able to get meds from them cheaper than anyone else.

Also, ask your regular pharmacy, but other than heartworm meds, ours can order in pet meds for us, also. yours might can, also!

Missy Shay said...

This video is why I 1. wait for the cats to nap before trying to wrap gifts and 2. do not have a Christmas tree, especially with eight cats!
I m so sorry Charlie had an episode. All of my cats were passing around a viral infection, I took Cupcake to find out what it was, but they all had to share one bottle of antibiotics, there was no way I could afford to take all of the cats to get checked out when I already knew what they had - but the vet refused to prescribe another bottle of antibiotics for me unless I did. Thankfully they are all better now!

margaret said...

those pills are like a miracle the way poor Charlie relapsed without one, good idea to comb is beard after each one.

Wonderful cat video, must share it with my cat loving daughters

Lynn said...

You are a good mom to Charlie. I'm sending all my good thoughts your way.