Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back in the at the Sewing Machine Again!

I'm so happy to get back to sewing! I cut out 3 of the little strawberry blocks I wrote about last time and almost have them all together. But, I had previously cut some Great Granny Squares out from the green and yellow cheater fabric by Lori Holt. They were sitting right by the machine so I stitched up two of them.
My camera kind of washes out the color. It's lots prettier in person. I just love the patchwork cheater fabric! You can cut tons of squares from it!
Here's the fabric I'm talking about. You can cut 4 2.5" squares from each square in this fabric.
 I'm going to use the fabric with dresses for the border. Here's that fabric:
I think it will make a really cute quilt for one of the granddaughters. I call this green "Lori Holt Green" because she uses it so much in the fabrics she designs. It was so much fun to sew again yesterday! Today I have to write two articles about rental management issues for work. I have to make some money! But, if I get finished before it's too late, I'm going to try to get the strawberry blocks finished. I messed up on one of them but I'm going to use it anyway. I have no desire to be a perfectionist any more! I'm just in it for the fun! Hope ya'll are having a safe and happy holiday weekend! What are you sewing on? Cheery wave from Bev


Missy Shay said...

I love the fabrics you chose, and that dress fabric is going to make it perfect!

20 North Ora said...

So glad you are back at sewing!

Take care!


Elsina said...

Glad you are back to sewing Bev! When Google reader stopped in July and I moved to feedly, I lost half of my favorite blogs, including yours, so missed you for a couple of months!
Glad to have you back!
hugs, Elsina

Karen M said...

Just love Lori's fabrics. I made the Great Granny Quilt Along. Her methods are great. Can't wait to see your strawberries.