Thursday, June 27, 2013

Giveaway Reminders!

Don't forget to enter our giveaways! They are all set to finish up this weekend. First, we have the giveaway for the new book by Kathy Schmitz called Simply Red. As my regular blog buddies know, we just finished giving away a year of Kathy's embroidery patterns. I just finished the month of June. It's my second embroidery ever:
Please don't judge Kathy's patterns by me. But I did want to say that they are very easy for the beginner to tackle. I don't know if I'm going to make this one into a pillow or put it in the drawer but it was fun to do! Don't judge me embroidery experts! I'm still learning! Here's the book we're giving away:
and you can enter that giveaway HERE. This giveaway will end tomorrow, June 28th and I'll announce the winner on Saturday, June 29th.

Our June Giveaway for 3 yards (total) of Millie's Closet fabrics ends Sunday, June 30th and I'll announce the winner on July 1st.
You get one yard of the "designer" pattern that is all squares and 1/2 yard of 4 supporting fabrics from that line. I love this one with the cute. You can enter the June Giveaway HERE. Of course, if you can't wait to win, you can see all these fabrics in our Etsy shop HERE.

And last, but not least, I'm helping with a giveaway of an original painting by Gina McKinnis (my daughter).

You can enter the giveaway for this little bird multi-media piece HERE. Gina had to move all her stuff because she got new windows and has put lots of her original art on sale for half price in her Etsy shop HERE. Gina's giveaway will end on Sunday afternoon. Hope everyone has a great Thursday and that you enter our giveaways to win! Cheery wave from Bev


20 North Ora said...

Hey Bev - Love that Molly's Closet fabric. I got some from you but haven't found exactly what I want to do with it yet!

Have a good day!


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

You are so sweet to have so many wonderful giveaways! I think your embroidery looks great! I love those patterns. Have a great weekend!

Jacqueline said...

I think your embroidery looks great.
I am doing the Nov. block that I won in your giveaway of patterns. And it is like potato chips - you can't just do "one" stitch. I have to force myself to put it down so I can get to other necessary tasks..


Bev said...

Thanks for the comments! To Jacqueline...I know what you mean. I just have my embroidery by the place where I watch television at the end of the day and before I know it, an hour has gone by! Glad you are enjoying the patterns!

Cheery wave from Bev