Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Gina Blog Post or Shamless Promotion of my Kid's Stuff

Hi girlfriends! What are you up to today? I'm getting ready to work and write about home appliances and technology and baby clothes. That's all actually fun to write about. I have done no sewing so thought I show you Gina's iPhone and iPod cases. They are selling like crazy because they are so cute!

These are my favorites.

 You can buy them HERE.
 It's so fun to see pictures of people talking on their phones with one of Gina's phone covers!
You can also get her art in cards, prints, pillows and more HERE.
You can buy the original paintings HERE. You can get framed prints HERE.

Have a good day everyone! Cheery wave from Bev

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Redec├│rate con Lola Godoy said...

I love your style, great job. You are a wonderful artist. Besitos.