Friday, May 10, 2013

Meet Joe Dan! One of my crazy friends!

Friday at last! I pulled out my little star quilt to put the border on tonight. I'm going to actually quit working at 5 or so today. I'm sick of working and so need a break.
I pulled this little quilt out of the closet because of the Quilt Show feature on star quilts this week. When Ricky Tims does something, I immediately want to start doing it too. I admit it...I have Q.A.D.D. (quilt attention deficit disorder). I want to do everything so I have 50 things going. I have come to accept that there is no cure for me. I am not sad about it either.

Big Disclaimer Here! Warning! I've been watching my friend, Joe Dan Gorman's video showing what Pravda is saying about us here in the USA. Joe Dan has made many people mad. He is very outspoken. I don't usually promote Joe Dan's videos but this one really gets to me. He quotes what Pravada has to say about us and shows a Cuban escapee and shows part of the Declaration of Independence from the John Adams mini-series. Watch if you may be entertained and you may, like many of us, fall in love with Joe Dan! He has many videos and gives you many opportunities to love him or hate him. I love him! So here ya go...we have to start standing for what we believe in. I probably won't be adding any more political opinion material to this blog but it's who I am and what I believe so, if it offends you, I'm sorry. You can un-friend me any time and I understand. If you agree that our beliefs should be able to  stand on the merits, welcome to the world of Joe Dan, my crazy friend.
Cheery wave from Bev


giddy99 said...

I'm with you; love the video (HE'S HILARIOUS) and right. :)

20 North Ora said...

That star quilt is gorgeous! How do you keep so many going at the same time? I'd have them all mixed up for sure.


Lurline said...

Gorgeous quilt!
Hugs - Lurline!