Thursday, March 21, 2013

Show and Tell but Mainly Show

I'm still plodding along writing my copy assignments and I know you are sick of hearing about it! Me too! So, when taking one of my frequent "sanity" breaks, I found some things to share with you.

First, remember my blog buddy, Jill, from Fiberluscious? She makes pincushions for sale and I just had to show you her latest...first the entire pincushion:
 and then the closeup. Seriously, doesn't that belong in a museum or something? You can see Jill's tutorials and her work HERE. She does a tutorial on this pear pincushion and claims you can make one just like hers. Yeah, right.
Next, one of my favorite designers, Jennifer Heynen a/k/a Jennifer Jangles, has created a new line of beads for Michaels!
I'm always SO happy when I see someone who is talented and NICE get success! Michael's is a HUGE deal! Here are a few of the styles:

 Look at this little bracelet made with some of the beads from Michaels:

Aren't they the cutest?: You can read all about it and see more of her beads for Michaels HERE. Way to go Jennifer!

Wish I had something to show you that I've done but alas, still trying to get caught up at work. I love not being in pain though and am very grateful so no complaints. Have a great day! Congrats again to two of my favorite designers! Oh, and I'll announce the winner of the Middle of March Giveaway tomorrow on Charlie's birthday! Cheery wave from Bev


Libby said...

Thanks for sharing ~ Glad to know Jennifer Jangle's beads can be found at Michaels. I too just love the pincushions ~ trying to get some made for Easter. Hang in there ~ you'll get your work done!
Again, Thanks!

JenniferJangles said...

Bev you are the best!

I adore Jill's pincushions. They are fabulous!

Thanks again for letting everyone know about my beads :)

Jill OLeary said...

Thanks for the sweet shout out Bev. You are the best!