Saturday, March 23, 2013

Row Along, Great Granny and Virtual Quilting Bee

Saturday  is here! Last night I did the latest block (number 2) for the Virtual Quilting Bee. I'm using the Daisy Cottage fabric that's on sale at the shop:
Today is my sewing day so I'm working on the last row of the Row Along quilt. I'm so sad to see it over. There are 2 borders for it. If I have time, I'm going to try to get the border on my Great Granny quilt. If you want to join in the fun on any of these 3 quilts, the buttons are on the left sidebar of the blog. Hope you get to sew today! Cheery wave from Bev


20 North Ora said...

Again, you amaze me with what you get done. Glad you got that work done and it's not interfering with your sewing! LOL


Leanne said...

Your block looks great, I to am doing the row along, I still have 3 rows to go but I love making it. Have a great day.

trish said...

Your block looks fabulous!! :o)