Monday, February 25, 2013

A Winner on Monday!

We are waiting for rain to turn to snow here in Oklahoma today. The NW part of the state is supposed to get up to 3 feet of snow today...that's in one day! Yikes! Yesterday I stitched up some 8-inch (so they are big) Drunkard's Path blocks that I had cut a long time ago:
I already had a big stack cut out and I just felt like sewing. I didn't notice until I took the photo that all the fabric is dots. I guess that is what I was going for at the time. I have a ton of them cut. This pattern can be arranged in so many ways. It's a fun one for scraps. Sorry about the's dark, dark, dark today because of the big storm. 

Now, to what you really want to know...the winner of the "Visit Gina's Blog" giveaway is: Laurel whose blog is called A Place to Share. Thanks to everyone who wrote to Gina. She was so touched. You were all so encouraging. I wish I could afford to give you all a gift!

I want Gina to submit this design with all the coordinating designs for a fabric. I think it would make an adorable fabric line. She doesn't think they would like it. I don't know how to encourage Gina myself because every time I say something nice about something she makes, she discounts it because I'm her mom and I always say her stuff is great, bla, bla, bla. She got the specs for fabric from one company and they said she basically had to have it ready to print with the repeats and submit it in Illustrator, etc. She can use Illustrator but she doesn't think they would like her stuff. I want her to at least try Spoon Flower and then I can sell the fabric in the shop and see if people like it. But she's going through so much right now....I hate to nag more than I already have. It's just so frustrating as a mom to see her talent just be put on hold.

Tomorrow is my deadline day for copy assignments and I haven't even started yet. Guess I'll get to work. Hope you all have a great day and if you are in the path of the worst areas of the blizzard, I will pray for your safety and that your electricity stays on! Thanks again everyone! You guys are the BEST! Cheery wave from Bev


Laurel said...

So excited to win! Thank you. I really think that your daughter could design fabric. Perhaps you could find another established designer who might mentor her.

20 North Ora said...

Congratulations to Laurel! Gina's print is so pretty! She should definitely try Spoon Flower.

Stay safe and warm. We are right on the edge of the storm so don't know what kind of weather we're getting.


txquilter said...

Tell Gina I'd buy it!

Nancy: said...

Just read your previous blog. I usually find a fabric I like and then find other fabrics to go with it. I checked out the web site that you mentioned. It was really interesting! I could see how it would help someone branch out. I have 3 red-headed grandchildren and that has helped me to get into colors I haven't used in the past.

jennyg said...

Hi Bev you can ell you daughter. Would definatly buy the abric especially as I have a 5 mth old Grandaughter who would love a quilt or a dress made out of it.

gilly said...

Congratulations to lucky Laurel! Gina is clearly very talented, just keep encouraging her as you do.
Stay safe in the storm and good luck with your deadline.
Hugs xx

Jill OLeary said...

I love dots too! Why are they feel so cheerful? I think Gina should submit her work but I guess she just needs to find that calling. You were right to nudge her because she is so very talented!