Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let it Snow!

Good Morning! I worked all day yesterday until 8:30 on a big assignment. I was so tired when I got finished but, as I already had this cut out, I sewed it together so that I could make a block a day until I finish a top.
It's hard to get a good picture of these Union Jack blocks because they are so big. This is a bright one, isn't it!

I found my Snow Lady quilt:
and that got me more in the Christmas spirit. Here are some of my favorite snow people from over the years:

Don't you wonder what the birds must think of us? 
 I wish I had a pattern for this hooked rug. I don't even know who designed it but I love it!
This is such a cute idea. I want to do it if it ever snows here again.
 How cute is this? Somebody loves their doggie!
 This is my favorite! What a great sign! I must do this if it snows again! I say if because we haven't had any rain this year. Maybe some of these snowmen will make you smile!

Well, back to work. I don't have nearly as many assignments today...whew! Have a wonderful day! I hope you find some time to sew! Cheery wave from Bev


20 North Ora said...

Cute snowmen. Love that last sign. Think I will make me one of those if and when we ever have moisture enough for a snow!


Cathy said...

Your snowmen did make me smile, thank you! How many union jacks now? I'm moving house this week so no sewing! Xx

gilly said...

I have a thing for snowmen - they are always so happy. And your last pic gave me a good giggle - love it!
Just blue skies, sunshine and icy patches here today.. no snow yet either.
Have a happy day,