Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Old Quilt Photos...

I found photos of quilts I made in that past that I no longer own. Some of them were sold and some were stolen from the back of an SUV while I was moving. People were going in and out of the house moving boxes and quilts and boxes were taken right from under our noses. I hope the people who took them  enjoy my quilts and didn't throw them away. I was excited because I thought the photos were gone too. They aren't the greatest but I'm so grateful to have them!
This is the Angel and Stars quilt I made from a Red Wagon pattern by Jan Patek. She is one of the designers in the book in the blog giveaway that ends Friday! Please don't forget to enter if you like primitive patterns. Click HERE to enter.
This is a closeup showing some of the quilting.
Here's another closeup showing quilting. I don't think you can tell but the bottom panel in green was where I quilted Bible verses about angels. I love to write words in my quilting. Sadly, I have no close-up of all that work.
This is a quilt I made using triangle papers. I had the whole line of fabrics for this quilt and after I made the triangle squares randomly combining them, I put the squares in a paper bag and drew them out sight unseen to do the piecing. I thought that was a great exercise to combat my "matchy upy" tendencies.
Here's the quilt on a quilt hanger with redware plates. Yep, they are black but made with red clay.

And last but not least (for me anyway) this is a photo of a Whig Rose wallhanging. Thanks for looking and for sympathizing about my lost quilts in earlier posts. I finished my work for my "real job" today and so hopefully will have some time to quilt on my Dresden Plate quilt. I'm trying to work on keeping my shoulder blades from creeping up around my ears while I quilt. What makes me do that? I'll be sewing, realize I'm uncomfortable and then realize I've hunched myself over into some kind of pretzel shape. Well, thanks for looking at the quilts I no longer have. There are more pics of more quilts but I'll wait a while to put them on the blog...lol...enough is enough! Have a great rest of your Tuesday! Cheery wave from Bev

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Brenda Pruitt said...

Let's hope whoever stole them has bad karma following them around.