Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Painted Corner Cabinet and Plate by Gina and More UFO Progress!

I'm sure everyone is sick of just seeing my UFO Project progress so I thought I would show you some of Gina's work. Here's a corner cabinet we found that she painted. I love it and it's sitting in my dining room. If you click on the photo twice you can see a much bigger photo.
This is an awesome plate that Gina painted. I think these are great and have asked her to do more of these dishes but she doesn't like it so she isn't going to do more. Artists are easily bored and need to constantly do more and different least that's what she tells me.
I did make some progress on my little Dresden Plate quilt by doing the corner flowers (here they are on the pressing sheet).
Now that they are on the quilt top, I'm thinking I should do the other border I have in mind. I will have to figure out the math and I'm not sure I want to do it bad enough.

If I don't do another border on Project #2, I just have to quilt and bind Projects #2 and #4 and I'll be finished!

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