Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Freak Out!

This is Jason--my baby--with his little girl. Jason (did I say he's my baby?) is having surgery today in Dallas and I am not there! I know he will be fine but it just freaks me out to have anything like this going on with my kids or grandkids. And as if that isn't enough.... This is my fur baby, Charlie. He's an old guy (14) and the vet says he has cancer but they can't remove the tumors because his heart is so bad that he couldn't stand the surgery. They told me to take him home and enjoy him because his heart would get him before his cancer did. Well, he doesn't seem to be feeling very good today. Or, because I am stressed out about Jason, he might be just taking it easy. I hate that dogs can't tell you what they're feeling. I don't know if I'll work on my ufo project or not. Right now I'm just waiting by the phone to hear about Jason while watching Charlie sleep to make sure he's still breathing. Uggg!

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