Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fast No-Sew Pincushion Tutorial

I found an old pitcher on Etsy and had to have it because of the little dog handle. I had a mug with a handle like that when I was a child. I decided to make it into a pincushion and thought I'd share it with you as a little no-sew tutorial. It will take you no time at all and makes a great gift for anyone who sews. Just take a tea cup or little cream pitcher, a 12" by 12" square of fabric, a handful of stuffing and an elastic hair band.

Put stuffing in the center of the fabric square, pull up the corners and twist with the stuffing inside. Wrap the elastic hair band around two or three times, pull on the ends and you have a little puff. I used a smaller square of fabric that was just sitting by the sewing machine so mine is really messy. When you have that done, just stick it in the cup and poke it down.
You can cut off the fabric ends right below the elastic band if it doesn't fit like you want it to. You can also add some glue on the inside of the cup to hold it if you want. I don't like doing that because it ruins the cup.
Then you are finished. In less than 5 minutes you have a little pincushion that's easy to carry around the house for small stitching projects. I like using little pitchers because you can put your thimple in the spout. I can't find my thimble at the moment but you get the idea. Hope you enjoy this!


Anna said...

I like this idea, I have to do something like this.
A hug.

Anonymous said...

nice idea.