Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick Charm Square Tote Bag

Last night I made a quick charm square tote bag to go with a charm square baby quilt (I only have the top made for that one). I had quilted the sides of the tote bag and just needed to put it together. My bright idea was that I could put the quilt in the bag and it would be a nifty baby gift. Now I just need to quilt the little baby quilt (which is just charm squares sewn together). I made an extra long handle to make it easier to carry.

I did this while I was up until 2 AM because my dog, Charlie, is afraid of thunder. I've tried everything and have no idea what to do for him. He is happy laying between my feet while I sew. Well, at least I actually finished something....while the storm was raging. sigh...

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